Care Instructions

Laundry Instructions

 To ensure the longevity of each item care instructions are as follows:

 General Care instructions for Cotton.

  1. Use a laundry powder or liquid soap for a warm wash.
  2. Set the washing machine at warm wash & the spin at slow.
  3. If there are specific stains these need to be treated prior to washing. The preferred stain remover is Sard, this comes in powder, spray and soap. If the stain is not bad spray with Sard and give a gentle rub between your hands.  If the stain is loud and angry spray with Sard & then use the Sard soap (or Sunlight soap). Wet an end of the soap and rub on the stain.  Use your fingernail & gently go over the stain.  Use the appropriate amount of Sard powder in with the washing powder.
  4. Never use the dryer. If it is a wet day use a clothes horse or undercover clothesline.


General Care instructions for Wool & Cotton Hand Knits.

  1. Use an appropriate laundry soap for natural yarns.
  2. Ideally hand wash gently and rinse at least three times. Or use the hand wash setting on your washing machine, if available & if you don’t have time to handwash. Ensure that the spin cycle is on low.
  3. Dry on a towel pulling the item into the original shape. Dry in the shade. I dry my knits on top of a rack in a warm space.

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